Icare software

What follows is my preferred process for changing a report template.

Workspace setup

There are three activites involved:


Editing the report template in Microsoft Word,


Add the new report version into Icare,


Checking that the report works as intended.

I like to setup my workspace with a separate window for each activity so that I can switch between them quickly and easily.

Setup the Report window

Starting with the Report window, in Icare navigate:

  • click Management

  • click Manage Reports

  • double click the report you want to change

Setup the Check window

Next, the Check window. This is a second Icare window, so use the File > New Window menu at the very top left of Icare.

The actual page you will navigate to is going to depend on the type of report you are working on. Some examples are:

Statement of Attainment report

Navigate to a Statement of Attainment that has already been issued:

  • click Statement of Attainment register

  • double click a sample Statement of Attainment

Enrolment report

Choose an enrolment and navigate to the Enrolment page.

You could use the Search Enrolments page or, find a Student and double click one of their enrolments.

Student report

Choose a student and navigate to their Student page.

Setup the Word window

You have two Icare windows open so far that I am calling Report and Check. You are currently looking at the Check window.

Switch to the Report window without closing the Check window. Use your own preferred method whether that is with Alt+Tab keys, or the Task Bar or multiple monitors.

Click Open Template on the Report window. This will extract the report template out of Icare’s storage and open the template in Microsoft Word.

The Cycle

With my workspace setup, I then start going around the following steps in a cycle until I am happy.

  1. Make changes to the report template in the Word window,

  2. Add the new report version into Icare on the Report window,

  3. Run the report on the Check window to see if it works as intended.

Step 2 might fail with an error, in that case I go back to step 1 to make changes that fix the error, before trying step 2 again.

The report might fail in step 3, or produce a document you are not happy with. Return to step 1 and start again.

1. Make some changes

Switch to the Word window and make some changes.

This guide does not cover the actual changes you make to a report template.

This guide helps you make those changes with the least amount of fuss possible.

2. Add a Report Version

Switch to the Report window and:

  • click Add a Report Version

  • select the Word document you have been changing.

    By default Icare will have saved the report template onto your Desktop under the following folder Desktop > Icare files > Report templates.

    Check that the modification date has changed so you do not accidentally select a different document.

  • Enter a Comment describing the changes you have made.

  • click Save Changes

If Icare complains with errors, go back to Step 1 to correct the template.

3. Check that the report works

Switch to the Check window and run the report. What you click will depend on the type of report & what page you are on. Some examples are:

Statement of Attainment event page
  • click Print Event

  • click the report you are changing from the drop down list.

Enrolment page

click Print Enrolment * click the report you are changing from the drop down list.

Student page

click Print Student * click the report you are changing from the drop down list.