Icare software

The Icare hosting websites use SSL Certificates to identify you when you login and protect your student information as it is transferred between the server and your PC.

SSL Certificate expiry

The SSL Certificates only last one year plus a month, so you need to renew them each year.

You will know that you need to do this when you see either of the following two messages on the Log in page:

  • WARNING: SSL Certificate expires in # days

  • WARNING: SSL Certificate has expired!

This will be followed by a Renew SSL Certificate link to start the renewal process.

Renew SSL Certificate

The SSL Certificate renewal process will proceed as follows:


Click the Renew SSL Certificate link.

Sign In

Enter your Email address and click Send sign in code.

Verify Sign In Code

Check your email for an email titled Sign in code for Icare hosting.

Be patient this email generally takes 20 seconds to arrive.

Enter or copy & paste the Sign in code and click Verify sign in code.

Log in

Once a new SSL Certificate has been generated you will be returned to the Log in page.