Icare software

Import a Unit of Competency from Training.gov.au

The quickest and easiest way to add a module to Icare is to Import a Unit of Competency from Training.gov.au. This is essentially a "Wizard" function, which does much of the hard work for you.

From the Home page select Management, then Select Manage Modules.

Select Import Units of Compentency from TGA from the Modules box on the left. A data entry screen will be displayed which will enable you to search for a Unit of Competency listed on training.gov.au.

Under Search Criteria, enter the information you know about the Unit of Competency. For Example:

Package Name
If you know the training package, you can start typing either the package code or name e.g. ICA and it will appear in the automatically generated list. Select the desired package by clicking on it.
If you know don't know the training package name, but would recognise it in a list, click on the three dots at the end of the field. This will open the Select a training package page, which contains a full list of the training packages available on Training.gov.au. Select the desired training package by highlighting it and choosing Select highlighted item from the Training Packages box, or simply double click on the desired entry.
If you click Search from the I would like to box on the left, a list of all Modules within the chosen training package will be displayed. To refine your search, enter more details in the search fields.
Unit Code
If you know all or the start of the Unit code, enter it in this field e.g ICAWEB, and select Search from the I would like to box.
Qualification Name
If you know all or the start of the Unit name, enter it in this field e.g. Design a Database, and select Search from the I would like to box.
You can choose to have the search results sorted by either code or name.

You can choose to enter information into the search criteria boxes one step at a time, or you can enter everything you know at the begining and select search only once.

Once the Unit of Competency you wish to import is listed in the Search results table, highlight it and then select Import from the Import a Unit of Competency box.

Many of the Behaviours and Classification data will be imported from Training.gov.au for you (reducing large amount of data entry and the risk of data entry errors). You will just need to state the Nominal Hours for the Unit of Competency. There a number of places where the nominal hours for a module can be derived, refer to Determining Nominal Hours for further information.

Click on Save Changes from the I would like to box on the left. The module will be added and displayed on the Modules page.